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by admin on January 16, 2015

I don’t do YouTube. This squirrel just doesn’t need another shiny object to distract her from writing. But once in a blue moon someone I know recommends something on YouTube, and today is a blue moon day. The video is from William Cappel Elementary in Troy, Missouri. Click here to view. In it, teachers and students tell why they like to write. It’s great to get their perspective, especially since I’ll be visiting this school next week to talk to students about writing…and to conduct a staff writing workshop.

Teacher Andrea Duffie said they showed the video to students this morning to “get them pumped up” about my visit next week. I must admit, it got ME pumped up, too! And my adrenaline’s already on overdrive. (I LOVE doing school visits!) But what I really loved was getting information I can use to make my presentations next week really resonate with both students and staff.

I’m already thinking about how I could use video to introduce myself to students and staff before I visit their school. It seems like a great way to make an author visit even more effective…not to mention fun!

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