An Author Visit for Earth Day? Let’s “Planet”!

by jeanieransom on July 31, 2014

P1030266If you’re a librarian or teacher, you already know that having an author visit your school can make a difference in students’ writing knowledge and practice. But having an author visit who’s a member of Authors for Earth Day can make a difference for our planet, too.

As an Authors for Earth Day (A4ED) participant, each year I visit one school where I donate half of my fee to an environmental or animal protection organization. Students get to choose where the money goes, so it’s a beneficial experience all the way around.

Earth Day is traditionally observed in April. But with spring break, standardized testing, and everything else that has to be done by the end of the school year, it can be hard to find time for an Earth Day celebration, let alone an author visit. That’s why, starting this year, the Authors for Earth Day founders decided to make every day Earth Day (and really, shouldn’t it be?). So you can schedule me for an Earth Day event any month – even in April, if you have the time.

Every A4ED participant chooses just one school to partner with each year, so if you’d like to team up with me, please email me by clicking on  the Contact button.

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