Yard Work, Anyone?

by jeanieransom on April 8, 2014


20140408_124458Finally! It’s warm enough to write outside! My “office assistant,” Nemo, is happy to help. He knows I like to write in longhand first, then edit as I type into the computer. I have A LOT of writing to do — thus, the rather large pencil. After submitting several of my picture-book manuscripts to my new agent, Lori Killkelly at Rodeen Literary ManagementI’m now turning my attention to my middle-grade manuscript. I’m revising to eliminate a character that really doesn’t add to the story, taking out a chapter and sprinkling parts of it throughout the book in order to create more suspense, and, oh yes, writing the rest of the story. There’s only so much daylight left, so I’d best get busy! More to come….

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