Hitting the Books

by jeanieransom on August 27, 2010

There’s nothing like fall to kick-start my energy and enthusiasm for writing. Maybe it’s the smell of fresh crayons, the notebooks of clean, lined paper, or the crisp, cool mornings.

The Ransom brothers pose for their official front porch "Back-to-School" photo, Fall 2010.

Whatever the case, back-to-school time is a time for fresh starts and new possibilities. Even though I’m not the one boarding the big Twinkie (as my kids refer to the school bus) every morning, I’ve decided that back-to-school time is a great time to settle into a regular writing routine. I’ve shopped for my “school supplies” and always have them ready when it’s time to get down to work – no trips to the pencil sharpener to interrupt my work flow. I’ve used the bathroom and gotten a drink of water (or, in my case, a cup of coffee) before I sit in my “assigned” seat (the wicker chair on the front porch). And I don’t get up again until it’s time for lunch or “recess.” (Hey, we all need to stretch our legs once in awhile – or check our email, or run to Starbucks.)

Once I hear the gear-grinding rumble of the school bus as it climbs the hill near our house, I know it’s time to wrap up my writing for the day. Of course, school has only been in session for a week in our district, and I’ve already been “absent” a couple of days. But I have high hopes that this school year will be the year I buckle down and get some really good work done. How about you?

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Kristin August 27, 2010 at 8:38 pm

I always love the quiet house that comes with back to school. It is a productive time. Write on, Jeanie!

Nanci September 3, 2010 at 3:47 pm

Great plan – go for it!

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