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A Blast from the Past — Stories from My Second-Grade Self

July 26, 2013

I was visiting a school last spring when I mentioned to a couple of teachers that I still had some of the stories I’d written when I was a kid. “You should use them in your presentations,” one teacher said. The other teacher agreed. “Kids would love to see what you wrote when you were […]

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Resources for Young Writers

July 25, 2013

For several summers, I ran a week-long writing camp for kids in grades 4-8. It was as enjoyable for me as it was for the kids. The kids were so enthused about the stories and poems they wrote. But at the end of the week, there was the inevitable question, either from a participant or […]

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Classroom Lesson Ideas for WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO HUMPTY?

September 20, 2010

It’s always a nice surprise when I find out that someone has featured one of my books on their blog. This morning, author, teacher, and curriculum guide consultant Kate Narita emailed me to let me know that WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO HUMPTY? is featured on her blog, What I really like about Kate’s blog […]

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“Sit, Stay,Write!”: Writing the Ruff — um, the Rough — Draft

September 15, 2010

That first draft of a story can be rough going – maybe that’s why they call it a “rough” draft.  The sheer act of facing a blank page can be daunting enough. Sometimes it’s tough to write that first sentence. And once you do, how should you proceed? Should you, as Randi Rivers, Jeanie’s editor at […]

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“Sit, Stay, Write!” Begins!

September 4, 2010

Welcome to “Sit, Stay, Write!,” where we share a lesson, suggestion, or tidbit gleaned from observing the writing habits of our boss, children’s author  Jeanie Ransom. We hope that over these next few weeks together, you’ll find something you can put to use to help you be a more successful writer — however you define […]

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