Writing for Publication

Rolling Out My Next Book

April 29, 2014

I’m pretty “egg-cited” about the cover for my new book, THE CROWN AFFAIR, available February 15, 2015. Detective Joe Dumpty (Humpty’s brother) is back, and this time, he’s searching for the gold crown Jack lost when he and Jill fell down the hill. I’ll be posting a few sample pages here soon!       […]

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Why “The End” is Just the Beginning

October 15, 2013

The End. As a reader, these two words mean that you’ve reached the end of a story or a book. But as a writer, reaching the end of your story is just the beginning. As I tell students when I talk to them about the writing process, it’s never “one and done.” Your first draft […]

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Outside Can Be the Right Place to Write

September 17, 2013

An article in The New York Times today affirmed what my dogs already know: writers are more productive when they write outdoors. Every time Luke and Nemo see me walk through the house with a notebook or my laptop, they head straight for the front door and practically herd me outside to write.  It works. […]

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Resources for Young Writers

July 25, 2013

For several summers, I ran a week-long writing camp for kids in grades 4-8. It was as enjoyable for me as it was for the kids. The kids were so enthused about the stories and poems they wrote. But at the end of the week, there was the inevitable question, either from a participant or […]

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Come Play the Game!

July 8, 2013

Summer is a great time to play that classic childhood game known as “tag.” Now some children’s authors have given “tag” a new twist, and are calling it “Blog Hop.” Here’s how it works: I was “tagged” by author Peggy Archer to answer questions about my writing on my blog, then I”tag” three other writers […]

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