Five Questions About Being a Writer: What an Inquiring Young Mind Wants to Know

December 10, 2011

Recently, a creative writing major emailed me with some questions about being a writer. I pondered my responses in a post at www.storytellersunplugged.com. If you have questions about being a writer — or writing – send me an email. Starting in January, I’m going to have a “Q & A” corner on my website, and […]

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About writing, not writing, and everything in between

February 13, 2009

Today, I joined the world of bloggers.  I don’t know if anyone will read this, or if I’m just talking to myself, but as a writer, I’ve been doing that for years. And so far, no one’s locked me up.  I’m going to blog about one of my greatest joys — writing  — as well […]

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